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MACS originally started in an effort to provide quality furniture handling and moving services in Baltimore, MD.  Each customer would receive the piece of mind knowing that their project whatever the size would get the personal attention and expertise that only MACS could provide utilizing the our vast experiences.

From the beginning it was our intention to provide prompt and qualified, properly equipped and friendly personnel on all jobs. All personnel assigned to the project are MACS uniformed employees. Each of our supervisors has at least five years of experience. This allows for a client to develop a relationship with team assigned to their project.

We strive to provide the highest quality services with a attention to personal service through professional means. It’s our goal to grow a mutual beneficial and courteous business relationship with all of clients.

However, we’ve since grown our business and now not only do we offer professional corporate moving services, but we also provide:

Commercial relocation (Offices, Libraries, Filing Systems, Track Files)
Systems Furniture (Receiving, Delivery, Installation & Reconfiguration)
Industrial and Laboratory with Rigging Services
Daily Delivery from your location or our warehouse
Warehousing, Storage and Receiving with Delivery
Crating and Logistics National or International with 3 to 4 day ground service to California