MACS Movers
- Mid Atlantic Corporate Services


Where We Service

We’re Commercial Movers in Baltimore, but our service area goes well beyond that.

Commercial MoversThough we started as a local Baltimore Moving business, we now provide moving services to the Mid-Atlantic. Not only do we provide moving services, we also offer various other services since MACS’ incorporation in 2005.  We take pride in our prompt, professional and courteous services. We strive to ensure that all schedules are kept, and will always do our very best to ensure your business is treated right. MACS continues to try to provide the services our clients need. If we don’t or can’t provide it we will try to refer them to someone who does.  MACS does not always want to be the biggest, but we try to be the best at what we do.

Below are just some of the areas to which we provide service.

 We have done work in Pittsburgh to the west, Charlotte, N.C. to the south and New York to the north.

 We do steady deliveries to Andover, Ma., New York and Philadelphia with an occasional California run that we pack and load and use an over the road shipper.

 There are freight forwarders that we deal with in the air and on the sea.